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What is The Ms. Collection?

A women’s clothing subscription service for women who have always dreamed of having a rotating closet of fashionable, everyday pieces they can rent.

Rent from our subscription service for women, which features surprise contents in every pack. You will always have stylish clothing and accessories that you can buy or send back when ready for new ones. Packs are mailed on the 15th of each month and feature a mix of designer labels, everyday brands and key essentials you will love, at a low monthly cost you can love even more.

Spend less on the latest fashion trends for women.

We have what you want.

Choose your collection, become an official member by the 11th of the month, and fill out your style profile. Our style team will surprise you with pieces you can rent in every monthly pack. Packs are mailed on the 15th of each month, based on the previous pack having been returned. Fallen in love with a piece we’ve sent? Your exclusive membership guarantees you up to 40% off retail for every piece you purchase. The choices are all yours!



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We know a good style when we see it and we see it on you.





Our stylists search for great looks across all brands for our collections.



Style It

We offer pieces you can rent, mix and match with your own clothing, and the option to buy if it’s just too good to give back.



No Shopping

You have enough to think about. Borrow pretty clothing and accessories and send back for more.



Rotating Closet

You will always have something new to wear that you didn’t have to shop for yourself.


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Until Next Pack's Order Deadline. There's Still Time. Rent Now
Until Next Pack's Order Deadline. There's Still Time. Rent Now